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There is a reason Tam and company keep getting 5-star reviews. I brought them my iMac hard drive (found to be faulty at the Apple store) and Tam was able to recover ALL the data from it! Also, it was on time and spot on our original estimate. Mac Advantage is now our "go-to" people when mac problems arise. I could not recommend them more highly. ~ Capt. Glenn M, Virgin America, Yelp Review Click for more reviews from the aviation industry

Bravo! We are so incredibly pleased with the recovery of our (impossible to replace) data! Recovered (from a non-booting, clicking drive) were both personal files, art and photographs as well as decades worth of professional artwork done for the movie studios I've worked for (Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, IMD). Service is always top notch at a good rate. I highly recommend!  ~ Armand Baltazar, Senior Designer Pixar Animation Studios Click for more reviews from Filmmakers and Photographers

So much better than wonderful. I’m so happy i think i’m going to hang up & cry. Tam at MacAdvantage just recovered all of my lost email. I will not have to quit my job and move to a deserted island :-) Everything is fabulous! You always do such a good job and that is why I tell everybody about you. ~ Beth Costa, Russian River Wine Road Sonoma, Healdsburg, CA Click for more reviews from the Wine and Food Industry

Great service under fire. They went the extra mile to save two drives full of (original) music! If disaster strikes, I know where to turn! ~ Jonathan Chi, Musician, Mickey Hart’s In the Pocket Studios Click for more reviews from Musicians and the Music Industry

I’m thrilled to have all the data back from my hard drive that wouldn’t mount & data rescue couldn’t recover. You all did a fantastic job. Awesome Customer Service. ~ Leigh O’Toole, RN, Kaiser Permanente, Bodega Bay CA

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I had 3 other techs try to recover my data and I had given up hope.  A friend told me about MacAdvantage in Rohnert Park and in 1 day they recovered all my data. They are kind and competent a great combination! ~ Michelle Criste, Chief Warrant Officer, United States Coast Guard

After a month of going through all the files you recovered from my deleted hard drive, I'm just now realizing just how much you recovered. It was so traumatic to delete all my research, scholarship, and course notes, lectures, and other work. Twenty years worth of work was recovered, including research material that will me get back into writing my book. Thank you for your timely and professional service! ~ Dr. Ingrid Walker, Associate Professor, University of Washington

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Thank you for retrieving all our data. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. ~ Juliet Pokorny, Development Director, Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma

When my 500GB hard drive crashed  another local Apple Repair Store said there shouldn’t be a problem getting the data. After over a week without my mac and a game of phone tag, they had been unable to recover anything and referred me to a data recovery company which estimated $2500-$3500 and two weeks’ turnaround time to get my data. Instead, I took my iMac to Tam at the MacAdvantage, who recovered ALL my data the same day, at a fraction of the cost. The MacAdvantage was fast, professional, and efficient. ~ Tyler Kuhlman, TV50, Santa Rosa

Tam and his staff are just amazing. My hard drive had crashed in the morning, and my desperate call was handled with respect and care. I am self-employed and was facing a huge deadline for a major client. I was in and out on that very day with a new hard drive, fully restored data, a faster mac, and a great feeling that I had been treated with extra care and attention. I even received a follow-up call the next day. On top of that, the shop is clean and charming... it's hard to call a near-disaster a good experience, but it was. These outstanding reviews for MacAdvantage prove that customer service and superior technical knowledge are alive and well!  ~ Judith Marciante, Web Designer, PointLine, Petaluma

Tam diagnosed a logic board failure and gave me good advice about buying a refurbished MacBook Pro When it arrived he immediately found time to retrieve all the data and load it into the new machine while I waited, charging only an hour for the effort.These people are top-of-the line in terms of customer service and the quality of their work. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else. ~ Don Lipmanson, Law Office of Donald Lipmanson

I am very happy to recommend MacAdvantage. From the first phone call until the last bit of advice that was offered as I picked up my computer, the staff there was attentive and helpful. The hard drive on our iMac had died, and my wife and I feared that thousands of irreplaceable family photos (and hundreds of hours of music) were lost with it. Tam and his team did an incredible job, resurrecting EVERYTHING that we were hoping to save. I will absolutely use MacAdvantage for any other Mac issue in the future -- they are top notch! ~ David Bergum, California Footwear Company

They most recently have been saving the data from our crashed Mac so we can continue making media updates on the road. We are constantly amazed not only at how active these two are in the sustainability movement, but how extremely supportive and giving they are to our project. ~ Mandy & Ryan, Within Reach Movie

MacAdvantage saved my marriage! The photos being recovered are of our new grandbaby. When the iMac booted to a blue screen, I thought: What have I done??! My wife will be VERY happy to know you’ve recovered the grandbaby photos. ~ Mark Hale, Santa Rosa CA

As always the service and personnel were impeccable.

Tam saved my data  - yay! ~ Blair Hardman, Zone Recording, Cotati, CA

I’m so grateful to you for recovering my data last year. ~ Sandy Wolfe, Penngrove, CA

Mac Advantage is a great local resource. To be able to get my data transferred quickly when my old laptop failed and I was scheduled to go on a trip in less than 48 hours was great. As always,Tam is a thoughtful and helpful person to work with, and the work was/is done reliably. We'll keep coming back and referring friends. ~ David Stevens, Christian Science Practitioner

I'm so grateful I don't even know where to begin. Thank you for your expertise in recovering our Filemaker database! ~ Marie Gewirtz, Public Relations & Marketing, Marie Gewirtz Public Relations

Because my hard drive crashed I had to seek a company that could do quality data retrieval efficiently & quickly. The MacAdvantage met all my expectations . . . I’d recommend them to anyone. ~ Bob Scorby, Educational Author, Santa Rosa, CA

Tam is so talented and so wonderful. He recovered a book I was writing a long time ago - historical fiction, 17th century colonial America - that was later published. ~ Elizabeth Kern, Writer, Historical Fiction, Petaluma, CA

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