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I joined Yelp just to write a review about The Mac Advantage - so that should tell you something right there. I live in the East Bay (about an hour from the Mac Advantage), but after seeing the reviews I knew it would be worth the trip! I was not disappointed. Rachel and Brandon were very professional, prompt and friendly. They always called me back within 24 hours with any updates and completed the work very quickly. The environment was so welcoming that you felt like you were having your techy friend check out your computer. They saved my MacBook. Horror of horrors happened when some red wine spilled on the keyboard one night. Yikes! I saw my life flashing before my eyes - my MacBook - my life! Anyway, they were able to fix it up in less time and for less money than they originally thought. I only trust my MacBook to the best - The MacAdvantage. ~ Andrea Wilson, Art Instructor, Lafayette, CA

I tried 5 places, and you were the most helpful. Other shops just said, bring it in and then “click” (hang up) but Laurelai gave me descriptive instructions on what to do after I spilled tea on my MacBook. The PC guy in Windsor even said MacAdvantage was the best. Found you in the phone book and came in! ~ Laurel Fichman, Sonoma CA

Repaired my MacBook Pro Keyboard after a water spill mishap damaged it and it wouldn’t boot up - I had it back in about a day working good as new! ~ Sara Kramer, Ukiah, CA

Tam and his team are amazing: Knowledgeable, professional, amiable. I spilled water on (in) the keyboard of my Mac. I am a writer and was on a major deadline. And, of course, I hadn't backed up my files for a while. In short, I was freaking out.I'm pleased to report that my experience with MacAdvantage mirrors that of all the satisfied customers who've written here. Tam explained everything, walking me through each step of the diagnostic and repair/replace process. The staff was thorough, and the rapid turnaround allowed me to make my deadline .I can't praise these folks enough. Thanks, MacAdvantage!         ~ Elizabeth Crown, Medical Science Writer, Santa Rosa, CA

From the moment I drove up to your shop I knew it was a very special place - and the beauty inside - confirmed that.  So peaceful and welcoming - designed in such a way to feel held and supported. I knew immediately it was a place that I would return to whenever I needed help with my computer. One look at Tam only strengthened that feeling.  He exudes competence, kindness and a lovely, gentle thoughtfulness. In this rushed and fragmented world -  most business dealings are rushed, impersonal, and not entirely trustworthy - only concerned about the bottom line. My experience with MacAdvantage was far beyond any experience with a business -  not only was my computer returned better than before - but my spirits were as well. I left feeling the kind of happiness one feels when one has made a new friend.  Who knew what an ultimately good experience it would be to spill tea in a computer! Thank you all for your caring support.                             ~ Adelaide “Daidie” Donnelley, Life Coach, Writer, Clearwater Coaching, Occidental, CA

I still can’t believe you retrieved all the data for $89 in one day, and over two weeks after the coffee spill! Other mac repair labs and data recovery savers in Paris, Santa Rosa and Marin County quoted $700 - $1000’s!  ~ Aja Dizon, Paris, France

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