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MacAdvantage has earned our trust through expert knowledge, work ethic & integrity - refreshing calm amidst a crisis. ~ Jeanette Wetenkamp, Production Director, Friedman's Home Improvement

It's a rare pleasure to deal with someone so utterly competent at what they do. ~ Beverly Kavanaugh, Cinnabar School, Petaluma, CA  click for more teacher educator reviews

Thank you for retrieving all our data. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. ~ Juliet Pokorny, Development Director, Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, CA

Shawn did a great job.  Quick and painless.  My computer is back up and running again. ~ Michael Gonzalez, Owner, Gallery One, Petaluma, California click for more artist and art curators and gallery reviews

There is a reason Tam and company keeps getting 5-star reviews. I brought them my IMac hard drive (found to be faulty at the Apple store) and Tam was able to recover ALL the data from it! Also, it was on time and spot on our original estimate. Mac Advantage is now our "go-to" people when computer problem arise. I could not recommend them more highly. ~ Capt. Glenn Molder, Virgin America Airlines, Commercial Pilot, Petaluma, CA

I want you to know how much I respect your honesty. You could have easily charged me for data retrieval and no one would have known. My mac is running better now than when it was new. ~ Ted Lindquist, Police Detective, Ret. Petaluma, CA  click for more honesty and integrity reviews

You’re a very ethical business! I want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. At the end of the day, it’s only a machine. I’m glad I found you. ~ Jim Brandon, Building Contractor, Petaluma, CA                             click for more contractor reviews

You have been profoundly helpful! Now I get to be Queen for a Day with my Mom, since I’ll be able to get her syncing her three devices again ~ Natasha Hauswald, Petaluma, CA

I’ve had really good experiences with you. I trust you. ~ Michael Hansen, Owner, Old Chicago Pizza, Petaluma, CA

Tam did an amazing job! I’m posting on FaceBook: If anyone in the North Bay needs mac support, MacAdvantage is the place to go!  ~ Mike Doran, Photographer, D&W Images, Petaluma, CA

Thank you so much for demystifying my computer! With little money and time, I’m now able to function in the tech world...for now, I’m in awe!  ~ Jeanie Rutherford, Petaluma, CA

Words cannot describe The Mac Advantage, but I'll try: Impeccable customer service. Pleasant interactions. budget-scaled alternatives. Blazing fast turnaround. Tam, you're a wealth of knowledge - and way too humble. Seldom do you find integrity in business of this caliber. Apple Store, follow the teachings of The Mac Advantage. ~ Mike Hollibaugh, Artist, Petaluma CA

You guys are the very best & I would not ever consider taking my computer to anyone else. Thank you so very much for providing the best service & caring staff. I appreciate you big time. ~ Mona Weiss, Property Manager & Standard of Excellence Home Appliances, Petaluma, CA

Thanks for your good work! ~ Joop Delahaye, PT, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Petaluma, CA

We found our "go to" Mac experts finally - Mac Advantage! The best customer service persons on the planet! Honest, extremely helpful, super knowledgeable = Mac Advantage! ~ May & Lewis Wong, Current FX, Pool, Spa, & Electrical, Petaluma, CA

I highly HIGHLY recommend MacAdvantage to anyone facing problems with their computer. I called around and did not get a good feeling about many of the other computer repair places. Immediately I did with Mac Advantage. Tam was incredibly calm, knowledgeable and competent. His prices were incredibly reasonable and he really, really wants to help and is generous with his time. It is so rare to find a service company that really represents generosity and calmness as well as competence. Tam Advantage is all you need. Run don't walk. Thanks Tam!! ~ Sarah Middleton, Petaluma, CA

Tam was very helpful about which MB to purchase & with upgrading. ~ Jim Ghilotti, Ghilotti Construction, Petaluma, CA

Thank you so very much for staying late, and helping me wade thru my current quagmire.  Neither AT&T, nor Yahoo’s nonexistent help, nor the Apple Store could help me figure out what was wrong with my email. i needed you. You may quote me in promoting & praising your smarts. Highly competent, excellent technicians who know their macs, inside and out. Sweet, calm people, who are pros at helping me unravel impermeable puzzles. My songs and my pictures are back the relief is enormous. ~ Pamela F Smith, Artist, Petaluma, California

Thank you so much for demystifying my computer! With little money and time, I’m now able to function in the tech world...for now, I’m in awe!  ~ Jeanie Rutherford, Petaluma, CA

I did not call first, dropped in, had a positive experience from start to finish. I was impressed by how smoothly the whole process went. I will definitely recommend you, this was a much better experience than with my local Mac shop. ~ Stefanie Given, Sonoma, CA

Thanks for the help. Your physical space and assistance is refreshingly so unlike the Apple store at the mall – whew, thanks!  ~ Tammara, Landscape Architect, Petaluma, CA

It is perfect—set up and I am using it at this moment. Printer is sooooo much faster.  Thank you for making the whole purchase and set up so easy. ~ Jane Person, Social Worker, ret. and Writer, Petaluma, CA

Both the Apple Store in Santa Rosa and the aircraft mechanic at the Petaluma Airport recommended Tam for aviation apps support and iPad repair. As a pilot himself, Tam is uniquely qualified to help with aviation applications and related iPad issues. He offers remote support for both my iPad & MacBook, so he’s there to help wherever in the world I happen to be. Then, whenever I’m in Sonoma County, I stop by the shop for a hardware tune up. With a growing staff of Apple Certified Mac Technicians - several of them with more than 15 years experience as mac techs - there’s not a problem they can’t fix - quickly, superbly and economically too. ~ Aja Dizon, Pilot

As I told Brandon as I was leaving, he and Tam are worth their weight in gold!  I am SO thankful to have MacAdvantage as my computer resource.  Laurelai is quick to respond when I call or email, and I totally appreciate that as well.  Check in is quick, my needs are written and understood in detail, and everything is taken care of much quicker than anticipated.  I'm always impressed.  There is a friendliness and calmness about the people and place of business that I love.  This is the best computer help I've ever received, and I recommend MacAdvantage to every Mac user I know! ~ Shoshana Bennet Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Medical Consultant, Petaluma Wheelmen Cycling

I always trust that Tam has by best interest at heart and that you will do everything to help get my system working again. I so appreciate the character of your business and your calm timely attention when something dramatic has happened to my drive! More and more the computer and internet does everything in my world from finding phone/map listings to complicated necessary communications and so to be without it is a major disruption. I always understand what problems you are addressing and appreciate the way it is communicated to me in human terms - not tech speak. ~ Corey Hitchcock, Artist, Sculptor, Videographer, Petaluma, California

Tam at Mac Advantage is wonderful. He can log on to your computer remotely. He has a very calming influence on my life. ~ Jane Murphy, Artist, Aerial Perspective Paintings, Jane Murphy Designs, Petaluma, California

Mac Advantage is a great local resource.   To be able to get my data transferred quickly when my old laptop failed and I was scheduled to go on a trip in less than 48 hours was great.  As always, Tam is a thoughtful and helpful person to work with, and the work was/is done reliably.  We'll keep coming back and referring friends. ~ David Stevens, Practitioner, Petaluma, CA

You transferred my iPod click wheel files to my MacBook Pro, and I just wanted to say thanks and let you know all files are there--okay to recycle my old iPod now. I told you I'd let you know and I'm sorry, but it slipped my mind. Thanks again for saving my music! ~ Peter Stein, Writer, Stein Creative, Petaluma, CA

I have been going to Mac Advantage for years now starting with my Mac Quicksilver crashing (and them recovering it) to what I have now - a Mac book pro.  I have nothing, but glowing words for this business!  If you want friendly customer service, knowledgeable people who know Macs inside and out and timely service, then this is where you want to take your business. ~ Collette Michaud, Collette Michaud Design, Petaluma, CA

Thanks again for the database emergency service. I know you had other appointments and that you squeezed us in. ~ Shannon Lemme, Project Manager / Designer, Pomegranate Communications, Inc., Petaluma, CA

I want you to know how much I respect your honesty. You could have easily charged me for data retrieval and no one would have known. My mac is running better now than when it was new. ~ Ted Lindquist, Police Detective, Ret., Petaluma, CA

You’re a very ethical business! I want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. At the end of the day, it’s only a machine. I’m glad I found you. ~ Jim Brandon, Petaluma, CA

Frustrated, as I was, with a reduction in speed and other problems that several visits to Mac stores in San Diego did nothing to alleviate, Tam applied his magic today and I will certainly Yelp and Facebook excerpts from this email to sing your praises. My thanks for such conscientious and effective service and pleasantry. I want to express not only my appreciation for the expertise and patient care (pun intended) that Tam delivered both on phone and especially at the shop, but also to let you know that up to this visit I was not a Mac adherent, having spent my prior years as a pc user (as well as building and networking my English classroom at Petaluma High with 30+ pc's).  When I came home after today's visit and used this now upgraded MacBook, I'm a convert. Such a dramatic shift in speed that my mac is now equal to the two desktop pcs I own that are two years newer.  I'm surprised and delighted.  My daughter, who won't dirty her hands on either of our home pc's (and from whom I inherited this Mac after gifting her a MacBook Pro upon her university graduation last year) likely won't believe the change in this computer as she had difficulties in upgrading the OS. Most assuredly I'll pass this on to Mac users I know.  ~ Robert Liroff, English Teacher, Petaluma High

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